It seems that at every ani concert i go to there is someone who insists on singing directly in my ear. Not only do they happen to be very loud, they 100% of the time have HORRIBLE voices. And on top of that, they generally don't know the words. In Milwaukee in 98 (the worst crowd show EVER) the girl standing behind me to the left sang like this:

"!......uh...wheels.......gravel!....driveway!!!" -gravel

Being obviously annoyed, because i seriously could not hear ani's voice, i shot back a look to acknowledge this. When she finally caught on, she said something to me like "why dont you just enjoy the show!" and i explained that I would if i could hear it. so she then proceeded to lean over to me and sing as loudly as she could IN MY EAR, so close that i  could feel her raunchy breath.

Now tell me, how am i supposed to respond to this kind of behavior?