Music and Lyrics by Patty Griffin
Chords transcribed by (Darcie)

Standard tuning.  Once again, I only have the first 2 verses and the bridge.  The chords never change throughout the song.  Enjoy!

A           F           A
You used to make me so mad
F            A
Make me so mad
       F           A             F               A
I was almost glad why you make me so mad
        F              A
And if I wasn’t still mad
        F         A
Probably feel sad
  F             A
Sorry for you
      F      G     F      G      F      G       F      A     F      A    F
So sorry and sad…(3 times)

A             F      A
Nothing was ever free
          F              A
But you still had me
     F                 A        F       A
You didn’t want that better than me (?)
              F             A
And if there was no trace
  F               A
Of anything real
       F           A           F      G
Would you feel safe enough to feel?
G   F                G      F      G       F      G      F     A     F     A      F
Sad, sorry and sad…(3 times)

Think it’s disappointment, boy
The only friend you ever had

Was that you never got famous
Makes a good distraction
In case you start to feel bad about your
Undiscovered genius
                   A       F      A       F
Makin’ everyone so mad…

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