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Music and Lyrics by Patty Griffin
From the album "Flaming Red" 
Chords transcribed by mandybird70@hotmail.com (amanda birdsall)
standard tuning

(it works well if you play the lowest note of each chord and then strum the rest, in a steady 1-2 rhythm)

here's your moon
A                A

here's your stars
Dm               Dm


  got a stellar reputation
Bm7   Bm7          A     A

  as the star that never fell
Bm7      Bm7             A    A

  as the train that left the station
B7       B7                  B7      B7

as the secret no one could ever tell
    D                           E    Dm

From Patty Griffin "Flaming Red"
A & M Records 1998
©1997 One Big Love Music/Chrome Dog Music (ASCAP)

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