Music and Lyrics by Patty Griffin
from “Living With Ghosts” album.
Chords transcribed by Brian O’Malley (

Standard tuning - capo 4

Hammer-on C (2nd/3rd fingers), h-o/pull-off Am7 (1st finger), h-o/pull-off G (1st finger), F (2nd/3rd fingers)...What a great riff...its almost Hendrix-like...

Intro     C  Am7      G       F    C  ......repeat and linger a little...

We are (Am7) swimming with the (G) snakes at the (F) bottom of the (C) well
 Am7  G  F  C...

So (Am7) silent and pea(G)ceful in the (F) darkness where we (C) fell   Am7
  G   F   C...

But we are(Am7) not snakes and (G) what’s more we (F) never will be (C)
Am7   G   F   C...

And if we stay(Am7)swimming here fore(G)ver we will (F) never be free(C)
Am7   G   F   C...

I heard ‘em ringin’ the be(G)lls in heaven and he(C)ll

They got a se(G)cret they’re gettin ready to (Am)tell

Its fallin’ from the skies(F), callin’ from the gr(C)aves(F)

(Am7)Open your ey(G)es boy I (F)think we are (C)saved

(Am7)Open your ey(G)es boy I (F)think we are (C)saved

Let’s take a walk on the br(F)idge  right over this me(C)ss

Don’t need to tell me a th(G)ing baby, we’ve already con(Am)fessed

And I raise my voice to the a(Dm)ir...and we were ble(C)ssed (F)

(F)Its hard to (C)give

(F)Its hard to (C)get

But everybo(F)dy needs a(C) little forgi(G)ve (C)ness.     Am7   G   F

We are calling for help tonight on a thin phone line.
As ususal we’re havin’ ourselves one helluva time.
And the planes keep flyin’ over our heads no matter how loud we
And we keep wavin’ and wavin’ our arms in the air but we’re all tired

I heard somebody’s the day....
A big old hurricane...she’s blowin’ our way,
Knockin’ over the buildings,
Killin’ all the lights.
Open your eyes boy, we made it through the night.
Open your eyes boy, we made it through the night.

(Repeat chorus and add ending)

(F)Its hard to (C)give.

(F)Its hard to (C)get.

(F)Its hard to (C)live baby...(F)still I think its the best(C)bet.

Hey now...(F) hard to g(C)ive...and I’m (G)never gonna forg(Am)et.

But everyb(F)ody needs a(C) little forgi(G)ven(C)ess.

Everyb(F)ody needs a(C) little forgi(G)ven(C)ess....C   Am7   G   F   C

              C   Am7   G   F   C.