words and music by Patty Griffin
from the album Living With Ghosts
transcription by Kate Peterson (ASIS143@aol.com)
with some help from Jonathan (jpcowh01@slug.louisville.edu)

standard tuning - no capo
first chord G major (330023) then slide up to (660056) then to (880078)
i have no clue what those last two chords are but im almost positive
that its right..while strumming these three chords i usually emphasize
the first two strums on the bass strings (E the A) which would kinda look
like this:
                D U             D U         D   U

then on the way back down same chords but backwards...listen to the cd for
that part:) make sence?
for the chorus...

something like this...
I sit, I sit on...
 C C D D G G C C hammer-on
 I stay, I stay...
 C C D D G G G E
 By this...
 C C D D G G C C (ring)
 But tonight...   Every Little bit..
 C C D D |
i recommend listening to the CD for this part
then back to the verse, chorus then she goes a lil crazy with the strumming
on the verse...gotta love that part..

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