Music and Lyrics by Patty Griffin
Chords transcribed by (Darcie)

Standard tuning, with capo on 4 fret.

I only put the first 2 verses and the chorus here because the chords never change throughout the song.  Have fun!

E D            A              D
I went back to Boston
E           D       A              D
Back to the City of Lost Love
E      D           A
I went back to the place
A                               E     D    A
And recognized your face in the stone long gone

E        D              A          D
I walked around Harvard Square
        E       D              A                D
All the runaway kids are still hanging out there
           E          D     A
I took the red line a wrong way
A                E  D  A
Across the River Charles

C9                  G
Something's changed track
And they never fly
And they never fly
C9                G
Reach up from the waves
                              C9                      D    A          E  D  A
You'll find that you're only waving goodbye


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