Big Daddy

Music and Lyrics by Patty Griffin
From the album "Flaming Red" 
Chords transcribed by John

**A special thanks to John, Patty's Keyboard player for sending this along:)**
 standard tuning - no capo

 There is a guitar figure that starts the song that runs through the
 entire song that is basically a g major 7 add 13 (G,B,D,F#,A,,E).  So
 you have all of those notes that are sustaining with those c's and a-'s
 that give is a dissonant sound.  So, if these changes don't sound
 exactly like what you are hearing on the CD, that is why.  Plus there is
 a keyboard pad that is sustaining throughout the song that is adding
 some nice textures too.  ( I have to say that being the keyboard

 G                                    C
 Daddy, we're rockin' big daddy
                      G                    C
 How about that, how about that
 A-                             G
 Here he comes again, Me and my friends
 A-                                G/B                C
 We all laugh at him, cause he's so funny.
 Warm and fuzzy
 We're rockin big daddy.
 How about that. A celebration.  A celebration.
 C                                                                G
 He caught a little fish.  He had one wish, Daddy.
 We're rockin big daddy.
 G                                    C
 A celebration.  A celebration.

 A-                                    G/B
 Please throw the little fish back, throw the little fish back.
 G/B                                                C
 Throw the little fish back.  Throw the little fish back. Please throw
 the little fish back.

 We're rockin big daddy.
 A-                            D
 Throw the little fish back

 A-                            D
 Throw the little fish back......

From Patty Griffin "Flaming Red"
A & M Records 1998
©1997 One Big Love Music/Chrome Dog Music (ASCAP)

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