my tired eyes on one of many roadtrips

simply a bit of randomness

me and kel (with short hair:) together as always:)
I've decided to add a few pictures of my friends, and some random stuff here, click on the picture to see the bigger version..
heres kel, mandy, beck, megan, mago, and keno...~*~*~ kel with her bright smile and long hair:)~*~*~ my lil bro - Dan
cristi and stacy.. another pair of best friends:)~*~*~ beautiful acapulco...spring break `97~*~*~ mago- new years 97
carolyn being shy~*~*~ jill, kel, mandy, mag, and beck~*~*~ kel, mandy(mouth), mag, beck, and lucas
kel and beck:)~*~*~ mag and beck:)~*~*~ beck and lucas

more? a quick recap of my trip to boston this summer!

curious people have been here!