okay, so some people are offended by my harmless set of etiquette here...

i can understand it, someone will be reading along and come across a a rule or characteristic and think, "hey! i do that and there's nothing wrong with it!"
-so they feel the need to email me and explain to me why its fine that they do it.
-they also feel the need to tell me why my etiquette sucks, and that if everyone acted that way then concerts would suck.
-they also like to tell me that if i have such a big problem with it then i just shouldn't go at all

so basically i already know all this stuff, try not to take it personally if you happen to fall under one of my categories, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are wrong. just relax (see number 4b. of general rules), this is mostly for fun.

so even after you've read this and you still are so piping mad that you have to write, please take the time to write an intelligent, well-thought out message - something i can respond to, otherwise don't waste your time, okay?

and of course if you love the list, or you want to add to it you're welcome to email me and tell me!