hello, my name is Kate and i am a 24 year old female from michigan and the author of this page. i am also a lot of other things, but that really isn't necessary for me to go into right now. these are the things i am not:  i am not some freakish, control hungry psycho that sits through concerts with my arms crossed looking around waiting for people to do things that piss me off. I am not fascist, insecure, stupid, snotty, intolerant, or inconsiderate, and i am not trying to preach.  amongst the many other things that people try to tag me as.  i am not trying to take the fun out of concerts. i am not saying that people MUST do what i say. if you insist that i am trying to force my opinions on you, then maybe you should step back and think about how YOU are letting ME affect YOU. 

Many people who read this site seem to get these impressions of me. so i just wanted to clear that up. 

frankly, im really tired of the same old emails saying that i need to chill out and just enjoy the shows and blah blah blah you don't know anything about self expression...if i didn't know anything about self expression, do you think that i would care enough to make this page? 
if it weren't for all the people who thank me for this page every day then i would just take it down. 

and to those of you who insist on telling me that you've seen ani <insert number> times and proceed to tell me what ani thinks and feels about this or that - i dont care. if you've seen ani 2,000 times, that doesn't make you a "better fan" or better then me for any reason. and most of all doesn't mean that you know how she feels about anything. I am so so sick of the competitiveness of ani fans. 

so basically, think of it this way. when i wrote this, i was laughing my ass off. i understand that you dont know me, therefore, you most likely wont pick up on all of the sarcasm within this page. thats why i am telling you now. i really hope you can laugh at this. i still laugh when i read this. it's supposed to be funny..so just sit back and enjoy yourself and take from it when you can... 

kate 1/9/2000